South Street Self Storage Community Spotlight

StaxUP Storage | June 14, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Giving back to the communities that we do business in and beyond is an important part of the values we promote at StaxUP Storage. So much so that you can find many of our self storage professionals not only passionately fundraising for charities in their area, but also volunteering on their days off.

At South Street Self Storage, assistant manager Kassie Reyna is helping put on a spring drive for the non-profit organization Dare to Care for the Homeless. The drive aims to collect any and all items such as non-perishable food, household goods, and clothing.

“When people are moving and have bags of clothes or homegoods that they want to throw away, we tell them that we work with a non-profit organization and they are able to donate those things to that organization,” Kassie said.

The team is also collecting health-conscious food items for a local women’s shelter where Kassie volunteers. She says that she’s volunteered her time there on and off for the past three years alongside her manager, Tony, and former manager, Sandra. The shelter is home to around 40 women and 20 children.

“Every first Saturday of the month we go there,” Kassie said. “Sometimes we’ll take something or they’ll have somebody already sponsoring the meal, so we will go there and help prepare the meal. It just depends. Then we serve them, talk to them, then go outside and hang out with the kids for a little while.”

Over the years Kassie says she wanted to get more involved, so she took a step toward that recently after one of the organization leaders, Jose, suggested that she join the board. “I just have to send in my volunteer file and my picture and he says that I’ll be on the board!”

The board meetings take place at South Street once a month on Monday nights. Kassie says that their most recent gathering cooked up a new fundraiser for Dare to Care for the Homeless and is happening now.

“We’re helping raise funds with some Jamba Juice cards so you make a $10 donation and you get a buy one get one free card for Jamba Juice.”

It’s apparent that the team at South Street Self Storage is pretty busy managing its philanthropic goals; between the Jamba Juice fundraiser, the homegoods drive for Dare to Care for the Homeless, and the healthy food drive for the women’s shelter. You would think that it might become difficult to keep it up on top of volunteering on the weekends. However, Kassie says she stays motivated because of her own life experiences.

“I’ve been in a situation before, so it’s just nice to give back,” Kassie said.

The dedication that Kassie and the South Street Self Storage team show every day is remarkable, and we know they will continue to be a shining example of what it means to be a good corporate citizen in the Long Beach community!

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