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21st Century Storage at StaxUP Storage

StaxUP Storage | June 13, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

StaxUP Storage is at the forefront of technological advancements within the storage industry, and we have positioned ourselves to have the best technology, self storage facilities, and service for the 21st Century. Experience the convenience and safety of 100% Contactless Rentals, easy gate, unit access from your phone with the NOKE Smart Entry app, and great service from our extended hours CARE Center.

Our website is full-featured, easy to use, and optimized for mobile users. It is also very fast loading, so you’re not wasting your time waiting. Whether you’re at your desk or on your phone, you can create an account and rent your unit or parking space online, without having to speak with anyone, or go into the office. Sign up for AutoPay, and you’ll never have to worry about whether your account is current, and your payment will never be late.

After your quick and easy experience of renting a unit online, go ahead and download our Smart Entry app, powered by NOKE. The app will allow you to open the gate with your phone, and if you have an indoor space utilizing NOKE Smart Entry, it will unlock the door to the building. You won’t have to worry about forgetting your entry gate code or climbing in and out of your car to enter the numbers on a keypad. Just a couple clicks, and you’re in.

If you have a NOKE unit, once you’re in front of your unit, you’ll unlock it with the NOKE app. You’ll relock your space the same way, leaving it safe and secure. If motion is ever detected in your unit when you’re not there, the app will message you, alerting you to a potential problem. Our customers love not having to worry about forgetting their lock keys at home or remembering which combination they set for their lock. The NOKE app is great!

StaxUP Storage has invested in this great technology to make your experience storing with us one that is safe, easy, and very convenient. You’re able to navigate the entire process, from researching and reserving your unit or space; to renting it, to entering the property and your unit, all without having to interact with anyone. Our Contactless Rentals program is second-to-none.

While our technology is market leading, it’s made that much better by our great people who are there when you need them. When on site staff are not available, or busy with other customers, our CARE Center Advocates can help you with anything. They even have the capability to be your virtual tour guide or assistant while you’re on site.

There are lots of options for storage, but here at StaxUP Storage, we have some of the most modern facilities, the best people, and the latest technology, all designed to ensure that you have a great experience storing with us. Rent online at one of our convenient California StaxUP locations today!

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