April First Renter Spotlight

StaxUP Storage | April 1, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

StaxUP Storage is Southern California’s homegrown storage company and we wanted to take today to highlight some of the colorful characters who call our units and facilities home. These renters have great stories and really illustrate that people from all walks of life have a use for self storage. If you have a story you’d like shared on our blog, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your facility manager about being featured. We love our renters!

Aaron and Abe – Entrepreneurs/Inventors

A serious conversation taking place in a self storage unit.

Abe and Aaron having a serious conversation in their self storage unit.

Supporting local business is very important to StaxUP Storage and we’re happy our units can be used to help fledgling entrepreneurs get off the ground. Like many new business owners, Aaron and Abe still work full time jobs for a large, nameless, faceless corporation while spending all of their free time working to grow their side hustle and escape the 9-5 rat race.

As engineers, Aaron and Abe work in the quality control industry and service error-checking systems for companies all over the world. If that sounds boring, they think so too. Their new invention can best be described as a time machine. Have you ever wanted to travel into the future? How about the past? If so, Aaron and Abe have what you need!

Just be careful. They’re still early on in testing and there could be some negative side effects!

Jake – Security Guard / Party Planner

Night watchman, Jake, walking to work.

Jake walking to work at the self storage facility. If you’d like to see what Jake gets up to after hours, you can get a peek here.

Who doesn’t like to party!? We sure do at StaxUP Storage. Jake, in addition to being our night watchman, is also a renter at one of our partner facilities in San Antonio. This facility features a section of units specially constructed with band practice in mind.

Stop by and ask Jake what it’s like working at the hippest self storage facility in San Antonio. The bands that use our facility for practice play all genres of music ranging from rock to country to hip hop and tejano. Be sure to read and abide by all facility rules. We want everyone to have fun, but especially be safe at StaxUP Storage.

Dr. Indiana Jones – Archaeologist/Professor

A full service storage warehouse.

Lockaway Full Service’s warehouse.

Our renters store items from all around the world and Dr. Jones is a great example of someone who seems to have been everywhere and done everything. His travels have taken him near and far and he has collected a great deal of keepsakes along the way. While Dr. Jones will tell you that most of his collection belongs in a museum, he does keep a 10×20 unit filled to the brim with all manner of artifacts.

The good doctor is also an early user of our Full Service Storage service. Dr. Jones enjoys the safety of our secure warehouse as well as the convenience of personalized valet-style delivery. Click the video below to see how our professionally trained warehouse staff takes great care storing Dr. Jones’ ark.

Christian Wolff – Accountant

A man closing a self storage unit door from the insude.

Christian Wolff securing his storage unit from the inside.

Accounting may seem boring, but Christian Wolff finds ways to keep it exciting. As a forensic accountant, he normally works with large corporations ensuring that financial deception does not take place.  

In his spare time, Mr. Wolff is an avid outdoors man who enjoys hunting and camping. He currently stores a large camper trailer in one of our 10×40 extra-tall units. If you need accounting services or just want to talk about the great open spaces Mr. Wolff has traveled to over the years, you can find him at his unit at least once a week. Ask your facility manager for his contact information.

(In case you didn’t get it, APRIL FOOLS! None of these people are real. They’re characters from recent movies and television shows. Either way we hope you were entertained! Leave a comment below and let us know who should be in next year’s April Fools post)

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