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Brawley - History and Activities

StaxUP Storage | November 10, 2022 @ 12:00 AM

The City of Brawley and its History

The Imperial Valley has a handful of cities that make it up, Brawley, CA being one of those cities. When it first started out, it was affectionately known as “Braly,” after the owner of the land, J.H. Braly, but in 1902 when the Imperial Land Company wanted to officially name the city after Braly, he refused as he did not believe the city would be successful and did not want his name associated with it. Little did he know what would become of his land! 

When he refused to have his name be a part of it, they changed the name officially to Brawley. In 1908 though it became an incorporated city and was a“Tent City” – home to the 100 workers who were involved with building the railroads and the early onset of agriculture in the area. Fast forward 114 years later, their population is 26,539 and is the center of one of the greatest producing areas in the United States. Let’s all learn a lesson from J.H. Braly’s story – let us strive to not underestimate what we have and its potential!

Fun Activities 

Brawley, California is much more than just a city in the desert, there are tons of fun activities to do. One thing you can’t miss when in Brawley is their annual Cattle Call Rodeo each November. This event is one of the finest western rodeos in the United States and it attracts around 200,000 fans to the area, local residents and visitors alike. The rodeo was started in 1957 after the city of Brawley realized they didn't have an annual event to celebrate their city. When you attend this event you’ll be entertained with an old-fashioned, fast-action rodeo. This event includes Wild Horse Racing, Bull Riding, Saddle Bronc Riding, Steer Wrestling, Barrel Racing, and so much more! 

While you wait for November to come around, another activity to fill your time is visiting the Glamis Sand Dunes. If you’re one for adventure and four wheel vehicles make sure to rent your off-road vehicle with Glamis Dunes Rental. They have an extensive inventory of high-end off-road vehicles for you to choose from and they make it easy with online bookings. Have fun riding the dunes and make sure to bring water and sunscreen.

If you aren’t comfortable with the fast paced off-road vehicles, the Salton Sea might be more your speed. The Salton Sea is the largest lake in California and offers something for everyone, you can birdwatch, do some boating or hiking and just enjoy the outdoors. The Salton Sea is a 35-mile stretch of highly saline water and has over 375 species of birds. If you decided to go check out this body of water, make sure to stop at the Sonny Bono Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge.

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