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Top Reasons Why People Rent A Self Storage Unit

StaxUP Storage | September 15, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Only someone who hasn't experienced the benefits of living and working in a decluttered space might wonder about the reasons why people rent self storage. Storage facilities are becoming more popular by the day. It's no wonder, since they solve a significant amount of storing issues. Whether you need extra room in your home or a unit to keep your business assets, many companies provide a secure location and economical solution for your problems. People use storage units for a variety of reasons, but here are the main ones.

Lack of space in your home or downsizing

Most of us have faced problems with too many items in our homes. There is always that one couch that you bump into, a piece of wall art that doesn't fit your interior design, or any other item that no longer belongs in your house. Whether it comes to a single piece of furniture or a whole bunch of things, taking some stuff out and storing them is always a smart option. This solution is excellent for people who have a hard time letting go of the material stuff and memorabilia. The same goes for when you're downsizing or planning a new addition to the family. The old things need to go so they can make room for the new. Still, no matter how many items are on your 'to be put away' list, there is a practical and affordable solution for you because storage units come in different sizes.

Renovation or remodeling projects


A home improvement project will always be one of the top reasons why people rent self storage. Every remodeling project would ideally have all items removed from the rooms of the house during the process. That way, all the construction areas would be easily accessible. Plus, your furniture and other items would be safely stored and preserved from dust or any possible damage. Since most renovation projects take time, there are always ways to keep your things safe nearby. With portable storage units, you can have all of your possessions in your driveway or somewhere else near your house.

Moving to another place

For people who haven't had the chance for such an experience, relocation is mainly about packing and transferring. And truth be told, we often underestimate the moving process and potential complications it may bring. So what happens when delays occur, or you realize you've underestimated the number of your possessions and the size of your new place? Self storage units allow you to keep your items safe during the relocation and after if necessary. You can determine for how long, but still, it's always good to know that you don't have to worry about your items during this complicated and stressful process.

Staging a home for sale

Putting a house on the market and selling it for a decent amount of money requires creativity and small investment. Therefore, the way you present your home to potential buyers is crucial. Touring a house for sale can sometimes be done virtually, but nothing beats checking the place in person. In such cases, you will have to remove some of your personal belongings from the property. A house that is on the market needs to be free of memories and clutter, with the best interior design solutions that will bring out its most desirable features. Thus, many sellers use storage units to store their items during the process of selling their homes.

Spring cleaning and decluttering

Living in a healthy environment has been our imperative more than ever for the past year and a half, with the COVID-19 world pandemic and quarantine. The necessity for cleaning and sanitizing the space often demands more open and accessible areas. Therefore, it's no wonder one of the reasons why people rent a self storage unit is a need for a clean and decluttered living space. Whether it's time for spring cleaning or getting rid of things you haven't used in ages, a self storage unit is a great idea.

Business storage options

We've already mentioned the benefits of using the storage services during a residential move. Needless to say, the same thing applies to commercial storage options. Still, you don't have to be moving to benefit from these services. A lot of companies need more space, but they simply can't afford larger offices. Therefore, storing seasonal materials, extra equipment, printers, and many other things is very common; especially when it comes to smaller companies in big cities. Renting storage units can be a cheaper alternative for expanding, but also a safer one, since many storage facilities have climate-controlled units if necessary.

Traveling, studying, or working abroad

Many people decide to spend some time of their lives working abroad or exploring other countries. However, they're not always sure for how long they will be away. In such cases, leasing your apartment or home is an option. Finding a great storing solution will help you safely store all of your belongings, and you will know they will be waiting for you when you get back. It's never easy having to temporarily move abroad and leaving everything behind. But at least with renting a self storage unit, there is an easy and affordable option for your problem.

When living in a big city, we often face a lack of space in our home and work environment. There is just never enough room for our belongings, and affording extra space is usually not an option. Instead of parting with your possessions, you can always safely keep them in a storage facility. No matter the reasons why people rent self storage, as long as it solves their problem with the lack of space, it's always a smart choice to go with such services.

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