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Comprehensive Storage Unit Size Guide | StaxUP Self Storage

StaxUP Storage | June 10, 2024 @ 12:00 AM

Storage Unit Sizes: A Comprehensive Guide from StaxUP Self Storage

Choosing the right storage unit sizes is essential. This guide will help you decide between options like 5’x5’ and 20’x20’ units, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your storage needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Choosing the right storage unit is like finding the perfect pair of jeans: too small and you’re cramming, too big and you’re wasting money. The 10’x10’ unit strikes the perfect balance and is the most popular choice.
  • StaxUP Storage offers units with 8-foot ceilings, so don’t forget to utilize that vertical space! You can stack your stuff higher than your stress levels.
  • For those with a lot on their plate—be it vehicles, business inventory, or just a ton of furniture—large units like the 10’x20’ and up to a rare 20’x20’ are the storage unicorns you need.

Best Storage Unit Sizes: A Comprehensive Guide

Let’s cut to the chase—finding the right storage unit size is like choosing the perfect pair of jeans; it’s got to fit just right. Too small and you’re playing Tetris with your grandmother’s china, too large and you’re paying for air. But with options ranging from the compact 5’x5’ to the roomy 10’x15’, and the colossal 20’x20’, how do you pick? Well, it turns out that the 10’x10’ is the belle of the ball, being the most popular storage unit size. And why wouldn’t it be? It’s like the Swiss Army knife of storage units—versatile, reliable, and just the right size for most.

Now, let’s talk height, because size isn’t just a floor plan. Most quality storage facilities, like StaxUP Storage, offer units with ceilings soaring to about 8 feet. That’s a lot of vertical space for stacking, racking, and packing your belongings! So before you start fretting about square footage, remember to look up and make the most of the space above.


Ever stood in front of your overflowing closet and thought, “If only I had a place to store my collection of novelty mugs and winter sweaters”? Of course, you have. And so has everyone else who’s ever lived in a space smaller than a palace. That’s where storage units swing in, capes fluttering, ready to save the day with more space and peace of mind. But here’s the kicker: size matters. Choose too small, and you’re playing storage Jenga; too big, and you’re tossing cash into the void.

This storage unit size guide is your golden ticket to selecting the perfect unit size that strikes a balance between your storage needs and your wallet. Because let’s face it, whether you’re a group of price conscious college students cramming for exams or a bustling business with inventory out the wazoo, you need a rented space that’s just right. And by the end of this guide, you’ll be a size-savvy storage renting guru, ready to conquer clutter and reclaim your square footage.

Understanding Storage Unit Sizes offered by StaxUP Storage

At StaxUP Storage, the world is your storage oyster, with a variety of sizes that cater to every conceivable need. From the snug 5’x5’ units perfect for your golf clubs to the 10’x30’ giants that can swallow your entire home’s contents, there’s a spot for everything. And the most beloved of them all? The 10’x10’, a versatile powerhouse for when your life’s possessions need a temporary home.

Don’t let the numbers intimidate you. Every storage space, big or small, is designed with at least 5 feet of width, ensuring that even the most awkward item has a place to rest. Plus, with ceilings around 8 feet high, you can stack, store, and sort to your heart’s content. Whether it’s the memorabilia from your last road trip or the excess inventory from your latest product launch, StaxUP Storage has a unit size that’s just right for you.

Small Storage Units

Illustration of a small storage unit

When it comes to small storage units, think of them as the closets you wish you had—compact, convenient, and just a hop, skip, and a jump away. Sized between 5’x5’ and 5’x10’, they’re the go-to for when you’ve got more stuff than space. Ideal for seasonal decorations that only see the light of day once a year or sports equipment that’s taking a breather between games.

A small unit can be a game-changer, whether you’re a minimalist with a penchant for order or a hobbyist with one too many model airplanes. It’s like having an extra closet, just without the hassle of having to actually build one. Plus, if you’re moving or remodeling, a 5’x10’ can cradle the contents of a single bedroom, shielding your treasures from the chaos.

5' x 5' Storage Units

Ah, the 5’x5’ storage unit, a modest cube of potential, perfect for:

  • Stashing away your seasonal gear, including a few boxes
  • Giving your small furniture items a little vacation
  • Old Tools that might be needed at a future date
  • Squirreling away winter clothing and holiday decorations during those long, hot summers

College students, in particular, will find this slightly smaller size a godsend. A few boxes, a mattress stood upright should fit nicely.

But it’s not just about stowing away the old Christmas tree and Halloween costumes; a 5’x5’ can also be your trusty tool shed or hobby hideout, keeping your gear dust-free and ready for action. And with everything labeled and organized, you’ll never have to turn the house upside down looking for that inflatable Santa ever again.

5' x 10' Storage Units

Stretching out to 5’x10’, this storage unit size is like that friend who always has just a little more room in their car for your stuff. It’s the ideal halfway house for your belongings during a move or remodel, capable of holding a single bedroom’s worth of memories. And for those living in a cozy studio apartment, it’s like having a second room, without the hassle of a roommate.

Beyond being a sanctuary for your furniture and kitchen appliances, this unit can also store those medium-sized appliances that don’t quite fit anywhere else. Sadly, most apartments don't come with a ton of storage options. Got a kayak or a bike that’s been giving you the evil eye from the corner of your living room? The 5’x10’ is their new home—safe, secure, and out of the way.

Medium Storage Units

Illustration of a medium storage unit

Now, if your storage needs have outgrown the ‘small’ category, it’s time to meet the medium units. They’re like the family sedan of storage—more room, more comfort, and perfect for when life’s belongings start to pile up. With sizes like 10’x10’ and 10’x15’, these units are ready to tackle anything from a cluttered garage to an apartment’s worth of stuff.

Think of these units as your personal warehouse, where large furniture and multiple rooms’ contents can coexist in harmony. It’s the space where you can store, sort, and sigh in relief, knowing that your possessions are tucked away neatly in the right unit until you need them next.

10' x 10' Storage Units

The 10’x10’ unit is the storage world’s MVP, balancing space, accessibility, and affordability like a pro. It’s the go-to for anyone downsizing from a one-bedroom apartment, with enough room to house large furniture, appliances, and your collection of vintage vinyl records. All snugly fitting within its 100 square feet of prime storage real estate. Hard not to argue that this is the perfect size for most storage units.

But its talents don’t end there. This unit size is a favorite for movers, shakers, and downsizers alike, offering a temporary haven for your belongings while you navigate life’s transitions. From queen size beds to sectional couches, it’s got space for all your bulky furniture without breaking a sweat. And when the holiday season rolls around, you’ll be grateful for the refuge it provides for your outdoor furniture and garden gear.

10' x 15' Storage Units

Scaling up to the 10’x15’, this unit is like the 10’x10’s big sibling, offering that extra bit of elbow room for the contents of a two-bedroom apartment or a small house. With 150 square feet at your disposal, you can comfortably fit four rooms’ worth of life’s accumulations without having to play furniture Tetris every time you visit.

This size is the sweet spot for those who don’t just collect memories, but also sofas, dining tables, and an impressive array of kitchen gadgets. It’s the perfect solution for antique hunters, furniture aficionados, and anyone who’s ever thought, “I might need this sombrero someday.” With a 10’x15’, you can store it all—from seasonal wardrobes to that inflatable pool you swear you’ll use next summer.

Large Storage Units

Illustration of a large storage unit

When the medium just doesn’t cut it anymore, it’s time to graduate to the big leagues: large storage units. These units, ranging from 10’x20’ to the expansive 10’x30’, are where you turn when you’ve got a lot on your plate—and by plate, we mean furniture, large appliances, and maybe a vehicle or two. Businesses are often in need of some of these larger storage spaces. Prices increase as you find you need these larger areas. They’re the ultimate space solution, whether you’re storing:

  • business inventory
  • furniture
  • appliances
  • vehicles
  • grand piano

With the capacity to house the equivalent of a fully furnished home, these units are a godsend for those in the midst of major life changes like relocations, renovations, or just plain old “I have too much stuff” syndrome. It’s the storage equivalent of a deep breath, giving you room to maneuver, plan, and keep your belongings safe and sound.

10' x 20' Storage Units

A 10’x20’ storage unit is like having your own personal one-car garage, minus the oil stains and mystery boxes. Offering 200 square feet of space, it’s the ideal spot for storing everything from SUVs to your kids’ science fair projects that somehow became part of the family.

This unit size isn’t just for cars and couches; it’s also a haven for the belongings of a five-room house. Imagine a place where your vintage record player can coexist with your antique dresser, all safe from the chaos of a move or remodel. And if you’re a business owner with excess stock or equipment, the 10’x20’ will be your best friend, keeping everything organized and out of the way until you need it.

10' x 25' Storage Units

Step into the 10’x25’ unit, and you’ll feel like you’ve entered a space where possibilities are endless. With 250 square feet of room, this size is a sanctuary for an antique car or the entire contents of a four-bedroom house. It’s where your cherished belongings can stretch their legs and relax without the fear of being squished by the next box.

Whether you’re a collector of fine art or the owner of a small boat, this storage unit size provides the peace of mind that comes with knowing your valuables are protected and preserved. It’s also the size of choice for families undergoing a big move, offering ample room for oversized furniture and appliances, ensuring that everything from your refrigerator to your king-size bed has a cozy spot to wait for their next home.

10' x 30' Storage Units

The 10’x30’ unit is the granddaddy of them all, boasting enough area to comfortably shelter a four-bedroom home plus a standard garage—or even a fully-loaded moving truck. That’s 2,400 cubic feet of pure storage bliss, ready to accommodate the most extensive of moving checklists.

For those with oversized vehicles like cargo vans or super-duty trucks, this unit size offers the easy access and protection you need. It’s like having a second home for your belongings, where everything from your cherished holiday decorations to your trusty camping gear can hibernate in safety until the seasons change—or you find that dream home with the oversized garage.

Extra-Large Storage Units

Illustration of an extra-large storage unit

Sometimes life throws you a curveball, and you find yourself needing more than just a place to store your winter boots and summer shorts. For those times, there’s the extra-large storage unit. Think of it as your very own self storage, like a commercial warehouse, ready and waiting to accommodate the biggest, bulkiest, and most bountiful of storage challenges.

20' x 20' Storage Units

The elusive 20’x20’ unit is not your everyday storage space. It’s a rare beast, offering a whopping 400 square feet of space that’s perfect for housing anything from a fleet of vehicles to an entire office’s worth of furniture. With ceilings reaching around 8 feet high, you can stack to the sky and still have room to store items with easy access.

Whether you’re a business owner in need of a mini-warehouse or an individual with an impressive collection of large outdoor equipment, the 20’x20’ has got you covered. It’s the ideal solution for storing:

  • Bulky items that just don’t fit anywhere else
  • furniture during a move or renovation
  • seasonal items like patio furniture or decorations
  • inventory for a small business
  • equipment for a hobby or recreational activity

With the 20’x20’ storage unit, your storage woes are a thing of the past.

Choosing the Right Storage Unit Size

The quest for the perfect storage unit size is a little like going on a blind date. You want to make sure you’ve found the right match before you commit. Start with a detailed inventory of your stuff, because knowing what you have is half the battle. Measure those unwieldy items—like the stand-up bass you inherited from your great-uncle—and consider your future needs. Are you a collector in the making, or maybe planning to downsize soon?.

Once you’ve got your list, think about your visit frequency. Are you going to be a regular, swinging by to grab your golf clubs every weekend, or is this a long-term relationship where you’ll see each other maybe twice a year? Do you mind commuting into or out of the city depending on price and availability? And don’t forget to factor in a little extra room for those just-in-case scenarios. After all, it’s always better to have a bit more space than to find yourself doing the storage shuffle every time you need to reach that box in the back.

Organizing Your Storage Unit

Now, having a storage unit is one thing, but keeping it from turning into a black hole of forgotten items is quite another. To avoid the dreaded “what’s in this box?” syndrome, it’s all about organization. Use those vertical spaces to your advantage with shelving and stackable bins to store items — think of it as building your own personal skyscrapers of stuff. Remember, heavy and bulky items form the foundation at the bottom, while lighter boxes can live the high life on top.

Labeling is your friend. Clear labels mean no more opening every single box to find your camping gear when the great outdoors beckons. And keep a master list of what’s stored where; it’s like a treasure map for your keepsakes. Clear plastic bins can be a real eye-opener—literally. You can spot your winter coat or that spare blender without having to unstack and unpack.

Finally, don’t forget to leave a path. It’s no fun playing hopscotch over boxes when you need something from the back.

Rent Climate Controlled Storage Units

Sometimes your stuff needs a little TLC to stay in tip-top shape, and that’s where climate controlled storage units strut onto the stage. These units are like the spa of the storage world, offering a controlled environment where your items can relax without the stress of extreme temperatures or humidity. Think about those sensitive items like your grandmother’s antique lace or your comic book collection—climate control keeps them in pristine condition, free from the ravages of moisture and heat.

Furniture, electronics, and clothing are just a few of the items that will thank you for the climate controlled environment. By maintaining a consistent temperature, these units ensure that your leather sofa doesn’t turn into a science experiment and your vintage guitar doesn’t warp into a modern art sculpture. It’s like having a protective bubble around your valuables, shielding them from the unpredictable mood swings of Mother Nature.

Vehicle Storage Options

For the car enthusiasts, weekend RVers, and boat owners among us, vehicle storage options are the cherry on top of the storage sundae. StaxUP Storage offers a variety of parking solutions, including:

  • Uncovered spaces perfect for short-term stays
  • Rent Enclosed units that give your prized possessions the VIP treatment
  • Covered storage that offers a roof over your vehicle’s head while keeping the sides open to the elements

The size of vehicle storage units can vary as much as the vehicles themselves, stretching up to 50 feet to accommodate everything from compact cars to colossal campers. And whether you choose a paved palace or an unpaved nook within the self storage facility, you can rest easy knowing your ride is safe and sound, waiting for your next adventure on the open road. Make sure to check with management to understand what vehicles are permitted and what isn't allowed.


Wrapping up our storage saga, it’s clear that whether you’re a college student, a growing family, or a business bursting at the seams, there’s a storage unit size out there with your name on it. From the cozy corners of small units to the expansive realms of the extra-large, you’re now equipped with the know-how to make an informed decision. Go forth with confidence, secure in the knowledge that your belongings are just a key turn away from being safe, organized, and out of the way until you need them again. Breathe easier with the extra space you've created for yourselves at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the perfect storage unit size for a one-bedroom apartment?

The perfect storage unit size for a one-bedroom apartment is often the 10'x10' unit, which offers enough space for large furniture and appliances, some boxes, without wasting money on unused space. So, there's no need to cram everything into a smaller unit or overspend on a larger one.

Can I store my vehicle at StaxUP Storage?

Absolutely! StaxUP Storage offers a variety of vehicle storage options to rent to keep your ride protected and ready for your next road trip. So go ahead and park your wheels with peace of mind.

Is climate controlled storage worth the extra cost?

Absolutely! When it comes to safeguarding your stuff from mold, warping, or other damage, climate controlled storage is totally worth the extra cash. Protect your prized possessions - they deserve it!

How do I know if I've chosen a unit that's too small?

If you're building a fortress of boxes or playing a game of storage unit Jenga, it's time to upgrade to a larger unit to avoid the struggle. Don't let your belongings stage a rebellion!

What are some organizational tips for my self storage unit?

Make sure to maximize vertical space with shelves, label your boxes clearly, keep a detailed inventory, and leave a pathway for easy access to all items. Who knew your storage could be so organized? Go and conquer it!

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