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Get That Car in Your Garage

StaxUP Storage | May 31, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

When we purchase a home, having a garage (usually a two or three-car garage) is a must-have feature for almost all of us. The garage represents so much potential - a workshop, a man cave, a she-shed, a craft area, a home business location, tons of storage space - and maybe, just maybe, a place to park a car, or even two.

For many of us, especially in warmer climates, the car, or cars, never makes it into the garage, and that’s just a shame because being able to park in your garage represents a level of luxury and convenience that should not be overlooked.

While most of us rarely have to deal with intense cold and snow, which makes having that car in the garage that much more important, many of us are dealing with some pretty serious heat and lots of sunshine. Both of which contribute to that car being uncomfortable when you get inside. Not to mention the potential for getting soaked in a torrential downpour that starts immediately before you have to leave for work, school, or that doctor’s appointment, or right before you roll up to the house after a long day at work.

Imagine, walking directly from your home into your garage, and getting into your shaded, comfortable car. No burning your hands on the wheel. No swooning from the wave of 140+ degree heat radiating off the dashboard. No sunglasses so hot you can’t bear to put them on. Yes, entering your shaded, protected vehicle on a sweltering hot or rainy day can be pure luxury.

Luxury and convenience aside, there are many other reasons why storing your car inside your garage is a far superior alternative to just parking on the street, or in your driveway.

While many long-term crime statistics have been trending downward, vehicle theft and break-ins represent a growing problem in many areas. Cars parked in driveways or on the street are frequently targeted, as would-be criminals walk through neighborhoods late at night, checking every car door to see if it’s been left unlocked, and peering in through darkened windows, looking for valuables inadvertently left inside.

Our vehicles frequently represent our second largest investment, after our homes (and garages). Storing your car, truck, or SUV in your secure garage allows it to stay cleaner, requires less wax to maintain its appearance, and increases the life spans of things like windshield wipers, rubber door seals, dashboards, and that all-important glossy paint job. All of which help reduce the depreciation of your second most valuable asset, and leave more money in your pocket.

Why aren’t you parking in your garage? Has it become a catch-all for everything that won’t fit in your closets? Did that “temporary” storage during your last home improvement project morph into a permanent pile of stuff where your new SUV belongs? Did your adult child “need” to leave some things with you for a little while? Whatever the reason, we can help.

StaxUP Storage has many convenient locations, and we offer storage spaces ranging from the size of a closet to units large enough to fit all of the non-automotive contents of that garage. Many of our clean and secure locations offer climate-controlled units, after-hours access, and the convenience of drive-up units. Click on the “Storage Locations” tab on the StaxUP website to find one near you.

So, stop denying yourself the luxury and convenience of parking in your garage. After all, it’s the seemingly little things that can make a big difference in the quality of our lives.

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