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Getting Your Storage Unit Ready for Summer

StaxUP Storage | June 20, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

Summer in California means a few things for your storage unit, and while we do our best to keep nature under control at StaxUP Storage, we can only do so much. With a little work on your part, you can help keep your things exactly as you left them!

Getting Ahead of the Dust

Whether you’re on the coast or in the desert, dust will build up in your storage unit if given enough time. If you’re on top of it when you first load your storage unit, packing everything into boxes or plastic tubs and sealing them with tape will keep the majority of dust away from your things. Even still, make sure to pack everything tight to keep cleaning simple when you return. Cover all of your furniture with dust covers, and, finally, you should lay a tarp over the top of your boxes if they don’t stack to the ceiling.

Water Damage Worries

Putting wooden pallets underneath your stacked items helps prevent water damage.

No storage facility is immune to the possibility of water getting into its storage units. Even if you’re covered by insurance – and you should be – dealing with the paperwork and getting your money is an easily avoidable issue. By placing pallets on the ground before stacking any boxes or tubs, you prevent water that may leak in through the door from damaging your things, as well as reduce the gradual buildup of moisture on the concrete floor. If storing your things in boxes is impractical, putting up shelving can both prevent water damage and help with organization to boot!

Keeping Electronics Alive

If you’re storing electronics, you’ve already decided you want to use it later. Without extra care, you may find yourself headed to the service department after emptying your storage unit. If possible, make sure to pack your electronics in boxes or tubs, or wrap anything without a box in fabric to wick away any moisture that may appear. With electronics in your storage unit, you’ll want to take extra care to visit your storage unit and clear out any dust build up that has occurred. One important note that applies to documents as well – never store your only copy of files in one location!

Delicate Documents

Make sure to pack your books in boxes small enough to carry.

When keeping your books and documents in a storage unit, there are two things that should concern you. First, especially with books, take extra care to clean them of any grime that has built up, and put hardcover books into protective sleeves. Ensure that you pack books and documents into small boxes – they get heavy quickly! Seal the boxes with tape, because the second concern is moisture. By sealing the boxes completely, you provide another layer of defense against the onslaught of nature.

Wood Needs Love, Too

Wood furniture also needs special care when keeping it in a storage unit. Carefully clean and polish your furniture, including the upholstery. Each piece of furniture should have its own dust cover, or at least blankets between them to reduce damage while moving things around. The truth of the matter, though, is that humidity will destroy wood long before anything else, meaning climate control is the only good answer when it comes to storing wood for the long-term.

Climate Control, the Easiest Solution

Choosing a climate-controlled storage unit with StaxUP Storage provides easy answers to most of these problems. It is still considered best-practice to follow each of the above sections when storing in climate-controlled units, but the risk of moisture and heat fluctuation is drastically reduced. Pallets and boxes or tubs are still good ideas to prevent moisture built up on the floor from causing damage.

Small Lockaway Storage-Bandera-POI-011

Climate controlled storage units are available at several StaxUP Storage locations.

Find the closest StaxUP Storage facility to you and get started storing with the premier self storage company in Southern California! With facilities in San Diego, Riverside County, and Imperial Valley, we provide storage solutions for all of Southern California!

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