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Groundbreaking Construction Project in Menifee, CA

StaxUP Storage | December 21, 2022 @ 12:00 AM

Everyone wants their community to be at its best and to do so, they have to continuously be making improvements to both the attractiveness and infrastructure of their city. Whether that means cleaning up the roads, making their city look pretty with some new landscaping or building an overpass. 

One of these recent improvements all started in 2005, when the citizens of Menifee, California wanted a way to alleviate traffic on Newport Rd. On December 5, 2022 the Menifee City Council hosted a groundbreaking ceremony to announce the build of the new Holland Road overpass construction project. No one enjoys traffic, so the residents of Menifee were very excited for this city project to be started. 

The City Council recently announced the project objective: to help alleviate the cross traffic for Newport Rd. The bridge will be a 4 lane highway overpass with bike lanes and sidewalks. They hope to start construction in the next month or so, completion of this project is thought to take up until 2024. Now there will be construction traffic but sometimes something has to get temporarily a little worse for long term solutions. 

Our StaxUP Storage team had the pleasure of attending this event and engaging with their community. For those of you who store with StaxUP Storage - Menifee, this construction project may affect the property access point. But no worries, one of our goals here at StaxUP Storage is to make your storage experience is as convenient as possible, so we will be sure to communicate the best plan for our valued tenants to access their units while the road is under construction. If you have any concerns or questions contact your local storage experts.

All good things come with time, and it may have taken a little extra time to get this project started but it's here now and we’re all excited! StaxUP Storage - Menifee is here to help with any of your storage needs, visit us at, and rent today!

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