StaxUP Storage in Chula Vista Helps with Water Donation

StaxUP Storage | July 17, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

During this sweltering summer season one thing is certain: staying cool and hydrated is everyone's top priority. For some though, finding that relief is not an easy task. That’s why StaxUP Storage in Chula Vista partnered with World Passion Project alongside philanthropic organizations such as the Salvation Army and Love Thy Neighbor to make a difference in their community.

On June 28th, 2018 StaxUP Storage welcomed a truck from the World Passion Project filled to the brim with bottles of water donated from the Caribbean Blue Water Company. While 13 pallets of the donation will go directly to the Salvation Army, the rest was split between Love Thy Neighbor and StaxUP Storage in Chula Vista.

Of course, the many cases of water donated won’t be sitting in storage for long, says Chula Vista Facility Manager, Gary Garcia,”With the water we received, we will be donating to those in need as well. Monique is leading our quest in finding charitable prospects who will distribute to those in need of water during this hot summer. In fact, I believe Monique already has an organization in mind.”   

District Manager, Monique Quintana-Padilla, has been with StaxUP Storage for 11 years and is always ready to help the facilities succeed in giving back to their communities. Her role in this event was no different according to Gary, who was incredibly grateful for her assistance, “I want to thank Monique for taking the time to come down here to not only support this event, but for overseeing the event from start to finish. Thank you Monique! Your help is always appreciated!”

Gary also gave a shout out to Mark and Ellie Lamson for their generous donation and business with StaxUP Storage. Thanks Mark and Ellie!

The day was long, but there were smiles for miles that graced the faces of all who participated in making this heartfelt day possible.

“We hold these types of events, big or small, in high regards because giving is such an important act that deserves recognition whatever the cause,” Gary said. “The act of giving is what we here at StaxUP Storage are honored to be a part of and I was fortunate to have been a part of it. It was truly a reward in itself.”

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