StaxUP Storage Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest Winners!

StaxUP Storage | December 22, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

Merry Christmas, Southern California! All the best to you and yours this holiday season. Our team of professional self storage managers had an ugly sweater contest the week before Christmas and two winners were picked. Thank you to everyone who participated!

alisha and jim at staxup storage in homeland california

Alisha and Jim Care celebrated Christmas at StaxUP Storage in Homeland, CA with some truly magnificent reindeer sweaters.

Alisha and Jim Carey at StaxUP Storage in Homeland, California.

“Last year, my family did an ugly sweater Christmas Eve, so I bought the one I used for this year’s contest. My sweater has a reindeer and bells all over it and I had a necklace with flashing lights, so I was covered in flashing lights. They worked and everything,” Alisha said. “Jim’s was a reindeer one too. We did matching ones last year. He had a reindeer, I had a reindeer and then we found different ones for the kids, because they have a school event tool where they can wear ugly sweaters to as well. So, Jim’s was a reindeer and his says something like ‘Bro, where’s the party?’ His has actual Christmas lights too and the reindeer’s wearing a scarf and glasses. This year, the kids wanted to stay home for Christmas, so we’re having each one choose a side dish and a dessert, so there’s going to be lots of cooking, and pajamas, and board games, and movies.”

monique at staxup storage

Monique Quintana-Padilla is a district manager for StaxUP Storage in Southern California.

Monique Quintana-Padilla, StaxUP Storage District Manager in Southern California.

“It was a hot day over here on the 12th. It was like 80 degrees and nobody wanted to wear an ugly sweater!” said Monique Quintana-Padilla. “Everybody thought it was funny. Everybody thought I was crazy for wearing a sweater on a hot day, but I actually wore it all day. I’m the type of person who likes to be warm all day. I have a heater that I keep behind my desk every day to keep me warm. So, yeah, everybody liked it. They liked that I took the time to put the little locks on. I had all the different locks latched in there with the ornaments, so it was pretty good.”

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