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StaxUP Storage Featured Property: Ballpark Self Storage

StaxUP Storage | September 9, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

StaxUP Storage is proud of its portfolio of 20 self storage properties, located near you in Southern California. We believe each location has a special offering all its own. What our storage properties share in common is our promise to serve the needs of our valued customers with local storage near them, and to provide excellent customer service with unique amenities tailored to serve their neighboring community.

Since each StaxUP Storage location is so unique, we want to highlight each one and let our customers know what they can expect and appreciate at their local self storage facility. Today we are featuring our Ballpark Self Storage property, located right in the heart of downtown San Diego, in the historic and beautiful Gaslamp Quarter. This famed area is host to dozens of Victorian-era buildings, standing right alongside modern skyscrapers, and packed with fine eateries, local favorite spots, residences, and thriving businesses. It is a great place to call home, with tons of wonderful work, entertainment, and leisure opportunities for those who live there. And right in the center of this flourishing area is Ballpark Self Storage – ready to serve this wonderful community.

Space in the middle of a busy city is always at a premium, and you might not have all the square footage you desire for everything you own and treasure. You may be wondering, “Where can I find affordable storage in downtown San Diego?” Well, luckily Ballpark Self Storage is here to help, with a storage unit available now, designed to fit your needs and your budget. But in addition to local convenience and availability, Ballpark has a charm all its own to fit its surroundings. This self storage building has a century old history! Our tenants love the historic photos displayed on the property’s wall, which show its proud and unique beginnings. Customers comment on how awesome it is to see how it all started – what it was back then and what it is today. 

One thing that hasn’t changed during its long history is Ballpark’s dedication to our customers and our mission to treat our customers how THEY want to be treated. Always inclusive, we welcome everyone in our community to come and store with us, and take advantage of our reasonable rates. We even offer daily lockers, perfect for tourists who need to check out from their hotels and explore the local sights before they head to the airport!

Chief among our priorities is to keep our customers’ belongings safe and secure. Our dedicated staff constantly check our security cameras and complete frequent walk-throughs of each floor. Furthermore, we believe in building personal relationships with each tenant. We like to show our tenants our appreciation for their business in any way we can; a warm smile, a little bag of treats, or a handwritten note whenever we get the chance. All just so our tenants know that at Ballpark Self Storage, when you store here with us, you become a part of our family. 

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