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Strat Gifts of Love Brings Christmas to Riverside County Families

StaxUP Storage | January 5, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

The team at StaxUP Storage provided Christmas presents for 55 children from 17 families in Riverside County in December 2017.

At the beginning of December, we told you about the history behind Strat Gifts of Love and encouraged you to participate by either purchasing candy in our front offices or donating directly.

Originally created by Jenn Allen, this event provides Christmas presents to families experiencing financial hardship. This year, the event was headed up by the facility manager at StaxUP Storage - Homeland.

“They did a wonderful job putting it together this year and did a great job leading it on their own this year,” said StaxUP Storage District Manager. “Jenn’s Dad even dressed up as Santa, which I thought was so cute. They actually really do go all out for this event. It was so nice seeing so many families with smiles everywhere.”

Team members from as far away as San Diego traveled in to help with the event. StaxUP Storage - Homeland served as the event space and was decorated in a Christmas theme. Attendees were provided with hot cocoa and cookies in addition to gifts.

“It’s one of my favorite events we do” said SPMI CEO Don Clauson. ”Because it’s a win everywhere you look. It’s amazing. The organization is so impressive. It warms my heart so much to see our team come together and manufacture this incredible evening for people who genuinely appreciate it. To see the smiles on the faces of these children and the guardians who are with them, the amount of appreciation that is shared, it’s a feeling that can’t be described. These folks are not as fortunate as others and the level of appreciation they express brings life into perspective very quickly. The amount of work the team puts into this event shows how much love they genuinely have for people.”

The StaxUP Storage team knows that helping others is a great tradition for children to start during the holiday season.

Strat Gifts of Love was able to provide 55 children from 17 different families with Christmas presents in 2017. In addition to the joy brought to those who received gifts, the StaxUP team greatly appreciated the good example the event sets for those who provided donations, especially children.

“This year I was able to take my two daughters, which they were very excited, because we adopted ten kids. It was 7 girls and three boys,” StaxUP Storage District Manager said. “My daughter was so excited, because they were around her age, so we went to the store together and she chose the gifts and wrapped them up. She was very excited. I think it’s really wonderful she got to do that. We try to involve our kids in something like this every year, because it’s important for them to really appreciate what they have.”

Thank you to all of the team members and members of our renter community who participated in Strat Gifts of Love. We’re looking forward to helping even more families in Riverside County!

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