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The Best Self Storage Units For Every Storage Need

StaxUP Storage | June 29, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

If you have found yourself in need of a place to store your belongings whether you’re preparing for military deployment, ready to store a boat during the winter, in need of temporary student storage, or simply have a need for extra space in your home, self storage units are an affordable storage option to keep your belongings under lock and key until you are ready for them again!

At first glance, the task of choosing the right storage unit for your needs can be daunting. What is the difference between a “ground level unit” and a “drive-up storage unit?” Do I need climate-controlled storage? How can I save money? Rest assured. We are here to help you find the best storage unit to fit your needs. For storage sizing help, please visit our comprehensive storage size guide, complete with a video walk-through!

Start with Inventory

When choosing the best storage unit type for your needs, the most important things to consider are what you plan to store and how you plan to move it in. Make a list of inventories with general sizes in mind. While this is important for sizing, it can also help determine the best type (i.e., ground level, climate control, drive-up, etc.)

Once you have an idea of what you’d like to put into storage, consider how you will be moving it. Ground-level units tend to be more desirable and in turn more costly, so if you have lighter-weight items a 2nd or 3rd-floor unit can save you money! If you have larger heavier-weight items and value convenience, a drive-up or ground-level unit is the way to go. Now that you have the information you need, let’s dive in!

Ground-Level vs Drive-Up Storage Units

Starting from the ground up, drive-up units are for those who plan to store a car, need regular access to their unit, or simply value convenience over savings. While drive-up units come at a higher price point, they provide premium access. You can easily drive your car or U-Haul right up to the door and quickly unload large and difficult-to-maneuver items like sectional couches and entertainment centers. If you are interested in car storage, keep in mind it must be running, registered, and insured. Contact your local facility for more car storage details.

Ground level storage units are a cost-effective option for drive-ups. This unit type is indoors and not accessible by cars but does not require an elevator to access. Indoor units like ground level units typically stay cooler during hot months, which is perfect if you are storing heat-sensitive items like furniture.

Both ground level and drive-up units are a great option for business owners planning to come and go on a regular basis!

The Most Cost-Effective Unit Types

We’ve discussed units that provide the utmost convenience, but if cost efficiency is important to you, you’re in the right place! Our storage experts specialize in getting you the cheapest storage unit that will fit your needs, without sacrificing quality. 

Upper floor or basement level units (when present) are the perfect way to save money while keeping your belongings within the care of storage professionals. These units provide a cooler indoor setting and come equipped with easy elevator access. At StaxUP, our elevators are designed with you in mind and much larger than your typical apartment elevator, so you never have to worry about the straining shuffle trying to get large and odd-shaped items in and out.

If you do not plan on visiting your unit frequently, upper-floor units are the perfect way to save money!

When to Rent Climate-Control Units

Climate-controlled units are highly desired, frequently requested, and yet the most misunderstood! A climate-controlled unit is a must when storing heat-sensitive items. The climate-controlled unit will give you peace of mind that your most precious belongings are protected from high temperatures and humidity levels. It is important to note, air-conditioned units are not climate-controlled units. They simply offer air conditioning during the hottest periods to keep temperatures from rising. With climate-controlled units, your unit will remain the same temperature and humidity year-round. 

As a general rule, you can consider anything made of natural contents, electronic devices, and mementos like documents and pictures to require climate-control.

You can find more information for preparing items for storage in climate-control units within our Getting Your Storage Unit Ready for Summer.

Ready for Move-in

With all the tools you need to determine the best storage unit for your needs, it's time to find the closest StaxUP Storage facility to you and get started storing with the premier self storage company in Southern California catering to San Diego, Riverside County, and Imperial Valley.

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