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StaxUP Storage - El Centro

StaxUP Storage | August 24, 2022 @ 12:00 AM

Our StaxUP Storage - El Centro  is conveniently located off the East Evan Hewes Highway, right off of North Dogwood Street, close to the 8 freeway and Highway 111. This easy access makes us a local favorite for traditional storage units, and we have lots of easy parking for RVs, boats, trailers, trucks, or whatever you need to park somewhere other than your home or business. 

Like all of our locations, StaxUP Storage - El Centro offers many different sized units, from closet sized, to large garage. Many of our customers find that our smaller sized units offer a great value, and are not always easy to find at our competitors’ facilities.

Many of our units feature easy to open swinging doors, which our customers, especially senior citizens, find much easier to open than the traditional overhead garage door style, and they really are just like having an extra closet, in size, and ease of access. Many of these smaller units are accessed from the interior, which means you’re not outside sweating in the desert sun. Instead, you’re enjoying our clean, well-lit indoor environment. If you’re lucky enough to have lived long enough to be a senior citizen, be sure to check for your senior discount.

We love our men and women in uniform and we are proud to offer a military discount. Many of our features are deployment friendly, such as AutoPay, to make sure you never miss a payment, a storage protection plan for added peace of mind, and some of our units feature the NOKE app, allowing you to grant remote access to a trusted third party, while it monitors the interior of your unit for any unexpected entry while you’re away.

Our customers really love the convenience the NOKE Smart Entry app offers, especially being able to access our property without having to get out of your vehicle and enter a code on the keypad. Our NOKE equipped units also make it so you don’t need to remember your lock key or combination.

The NOKE Smart Entry app is only part of our great suite of technology designed to make your experience easy and convenient. With our Contactless Rentals program, you can research, reserve, and rent your unit online; without ever having to see or speak with an agent onsite. We also have a self-serve kiosk at this location, and our friendly manager, and team, are onsite and available during typical business hours, should you prefer a more personal touch. We also have a full-service CARE Center for when the onsite staff are away or busy, and our agents can assist you virtually while you are onsite, or elsewhere. Se habla español.

Many of our customers, especially business customers, love that our property offers such easy access for trucks and other oversized vehicles. In addition to having a giant parking lot, we have really wide aisles for easy, stress-free driving in your large vehicle. Some of our units have very large opening, barn-style doors, to make it easy to get large items in and out.

At StaxUP Storage - El Centro, we’re committed to providing a safe and clean location, that is also conveniently located, and easy to access and use. Rent with us today - online, by phone, or in person. We’re ready to help you.

StaxUP Storage
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