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Announcing the StaxUP Storage School Drive 2018

StaxUP Storage | May 24, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

In 2018, the team at StaxUP Storage helped local schools in Southern California collect supplies for their students. 20 schools participated, and each one was paired with one of our storage facilities. The drive started June 1, 2018 and ended August 1, 2018, many facilities began collecting for their assigned schools early.

The Assistant Manager at StaxUP Storage - San Ysidro and the Assistant Manager at StaxUP Storage - San Marcos were the ones coordinating the company-wide event.

Below is the detailed list of the facilities and the schools that were involved in the School Drive:

StaxUP Storage - Alpine Tavern and StaxUP Storage - Alpine Blvd l Shadow Hills Elementary

StaxUP Storage - Brawley l Shining Stars

StaxUP Storage - Calexico l Rockwood Elementary

Desert Self Storage l Palm Elementary

Diablo Mini Storage l Miller Elementary School

StaxUP Storage - San Ysidro l Willow Elementary

StaxUP Storage - Chula Vista l Harborside Elementary

Ballpark Self Storage l Sherman Elementary

StaxUP Storage - Hill St l Oak Tree Academy

StaxUP Storage - El Cajon l W.D. Hall Elementary

StaxUP Storage - Sun City l Hans Christensen Middle School

StaxUP Storage - Murrieta l Rail Ranch Elementary

StaxUP Storage - Menifee l Santa Rosa Academy

StaxUP Storage - Homeland l Mesa View Elementary

With the start date of the drive approaching quickly, the team is channeling their competitive spirit into preparing for the drive, “We have already finished creating our display for StaxUP Storage - San Ysidro. We also made a display for StaxUP Storage – El Cajon. We had a lot of fun doing ours. The team helped a lot so it was very fun. We have started collecting donations already and we are also selling our sodas, candy, and water to try to collect some more money for the kids.”

Each facility will be collecting specific items that have been requested by their partnered school. “For our facility we are collecting mostly uniforms. So each facility has to speak to their school district and see what it it is they need. For StaxUP Storage - San Ysidro, our school needed uniform shirts, pants, shorts, skirts, and backpacks. They also needed regular supplies, but they mostly needed uniforms. Each facility has their own unique needs for their schools.”

Many team members have created displays to further draw attention to the Back to School Drive.

“We are very close to the border, so a lot of the kids that go to that school come from Mexico. So a lot of them are short on funds, or sometimes it’s just really hard for their parents to make ends meet, and school uniforms are one of the most expensive things they can purchase. So us getting those for the school really helps them out.”

Manager at StaxUP Storage - Hill Street, says their facility is raising money for Oak Tree Academy.

“We chose Oak Tree, because they do a daycare and it’s also a pre-school. So we went and talked to the principal and asked if they were in need of any school supplies. She said that they were, and that they were short on art supplies. They were very happy to accept donations that we collected for them on their behalf for art supplies like paint, crayons, and anything to help get their creativity going.”

The team at Ballpark Self Storage, one of our 3 storage facilities in San Diego took their own unique angle on building their donation box.

While they are not sure exactly how many children will be impacted by the donations, StaxUP Storage says they are committed to the success of the drive, “We want to make this one of the biggest years yet. We are selling all of our sodas and candies and trying to push it, so that people can go ahead and donate. So we can purchase more of those supplies for them. We’re hoping we’re getting a lot of kids, but I don’t know how many we’ll get for sure this year.”

It is very important for the StaxUP Storage team to reach out to the community, especially to those in need, “It’s always rewarding to be able to help someone. Especially when they are not able to get the supplies on their own. Us being able to give that to them and for our customers being able to help, it’s actually nice and comforting to see that everyone is willing to help in a time of need. Honestly, that’s the best thing that we can get.”

It’s true: most tenants at StaxUP Storage - San Ysidro are very willing to donate. However, selling soda and candy helps sweeten the deal for some customers.

“Here at the StaxUP Storage - San Ysidro property, a lot of people tend to be here for a while. They will come in and be like ‘Oh can I buy a soda?’ and then they’ll come back (later) and buy another soda. All those funds we make are going to be put towards the kids, so this will be the best year yet.”

It's hard to ignore this display for the Back to School Drive at StaxUP Storage - San Ysidro.

We know that with the help of our coordinators, generous donations of time, money, and supplies from the community as well as the facilities, this will be the best year yet for the annual school supply drive!

“I feel it’s very important that we try to help our community and our schools,” they said. “I’m a strong believer that children are our future. So we should try to supply them with anything we can, to help them and help better the world overall. Because these kids are going to dictate how things are going to be run. So I think we should help provide them with everything they need, even if it’s just art supplies or uniforms, anything and everything. Just letting them know that we are here for them to support them, in whatever they want to become, without having to know what a shortage is like.”

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