Self Storage Milestone: Happy 1-Year Anniversary to Nick Clarkson!

StaxUP Storage | January 29, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

Here at StaxUp Storage in Sun City, California, our knowledgeable team members keep our storage facility clean and safe. We want to highlight their milestones along the way and today we had the privilege of getting to know Nick Clarkson.

Below is an interview with Nick, who is celebrating his 1-year anniversary with StaxUp Storage in Sun City.

Jodie: What has this year been like working for you working for StaxUP Storage in Sun City?

Nick: It’s been great! It’s been such an improvement for my life. I was in fast food mostly before this, so It’s been great; like getting a new apartment with the position, there are just so many benefits to it, so it’s been such an improvement to my life versus a year ago.

Jodie: What were you doing a year ago before self storage?

Nick: I was the assistant manager for Subway for 6 years. Then after that, I worked for a strawberry company that sold strawberries.

Jodie: Oh, wow. My daughter would love that, she loves strawberries! Why did you want to get into self storage?

Nick: I always wanted to get into property management and that’s what I saw this as, a path to get into it.

Jodie: What would be your dream job in property management? What would you like to see yourself doing someday?

Nick: Probably in the future doing apartments would be amazing.   

Jodie: Is there anything that has surprised you so far working in the self storage industry?

Nick: How popular it is! I was surprised by how popular self storage is. At least in our area, we are always so full. Sun City is a retirement community and so there are a lot of seniors that live around here, so they’ve had a whole life of collecting stuff.

Jodie: That’s funny. The other day, I was talking to someone about the baby boomer generation and how they have a whole lot of stuff.

Nick:  Absolutely.

“Nick is a really really nice guy! His customer service skills are great! He has a lot of knowledge about Uhauls."

StaxUP Self Storage in Murietta Manager, Teresa Kohutek

Jodie: So, switching gears, how has your position changed in the last year?

Nick: I’m the Manager now, so that’s really exciting. It’s fun to be able to make plans for my store and try to make it better, improving it over time. I just really like taking initiative and making things better.

Jodie: Do you have any examples of things you’ve changed? Or plans that you have for 2019?

Nick: Oh, yes. I reorganized the whole office and redid our whole merchandise stand and in the future, I have plans to pretty much just do more organization and more maintenance on our facility.

Jodie: Did I see that your store contributed to the recent Christmas events in the area?

Nick: What we do is called Strat Gifts of Love (SGOL) and we collect donations and gifts for kids who are either in foster care or who don’t have too much to look forward to at Christmas, and so we try to improve that for them. This year, we did a pretty good job. We got some gifts. I believe it was the 21st of December and Santa was there!

Jodie: Yes, I heard that you all helped 80 kids this year! Is that something that you enjoy about the company?

Nick: Oh, for sure. The company does all kinds of events all year. It’s interesting! In fact, I got hired right before SGOL last year and I was just kind of amazed that I worked for a company who did that because I never worked for a company like that before!

Jodie: I bet. It’s kind of a neat feeling. Let’s take a dive into what your life is like outside of work, because, you know, readers are curious! Tell me about your hobbies and your family. Do you have family in the area?

Nick: My family means everything to me. My two parents are actually deaf, so I know sign language. A lot of people find that interesting. It’s really cool. I actually love to sign. It’s probably my favorite language. It’s actually my first language!

Jodie: Wow.

“Working with Nick, he is always a very selfless and helpful team member. He puts himself on the same level, even as a manager, and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. I’ve worked in a lot of industries for a lot of managers who treat you like they’re better than you, but Nick gets right in there and works hard."

Caitlyn Desmond, Assistant Manager at StaxUP Storage Sun City

Nick: Yes, and then I learned how to talk soon after. I have two nephews and a niece on the way, so we’re really excited about that. She’s going to be born sometime this week or next week. It’s actually getting really close.

Jodie: Cool, so has your sister or brother taught sign language to their kids as well?  

Nick: Yes, they have. Probably not as advanced as someone would need to be having two deaf parents, but they definitely know the basics, but they are still just one and three, but yes they know the basics.  

Jodie: They definitely know the sign for “more” though right?

Nick: Oh, yes. Definitely, absolutely, yes. When they were infants, they definitely learned the sign for “more” and “milk” and stuff like that.

Jodie: That’s so cute! So, tell me, are your parents living independently now? Do they still need you for daily life? I had a friend who grew up with two deaf parents and she had a lot of responsibility as a young person.

Nick: For sure. We are there. Pretty much as their ears and their speech. So we talk for them and hear for them. So if my Mom has a doctors’ appointment or something, I’ll take her anytime she goes. Like buying a new car or something, I’m there to help.

Jodie: Well, that’s awesome! You’re a good son. So, outside of helping your parents out and spending time with your family. Do you have any other hobbies or pets?

Nick: I fly RC Airplanes and drones. I like to make art as well. I don’t know if you know what string art is, but you get a block of wood and you put nails in it and create pictures.

Jodie: I do know what that is! Wow, cool Nick!