StaxUP Storage in Homeland, CA Garage Sale Event Follow-up

Peter Soto | April 24, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Did you make it to the garage sale event that took place Saturday, April 14th at StaxUP Storage in Homeland,CA? If not, we’re not going to lie: you missed out! Alisha Carey, Professional Self Storage Manager, gave us an overview of how the event panned out, “Everybody sold items. There wasn’t anybody that didn’t sell anything. They sold a pretty good amount of stuff that they had, which is nice that they had such a good turnout. We had a lot of traffic that day.”

If you didn’t get to the event early on, chances were that you may have missed some good deals, “Everybody did really well. One person cleared out half of their unit within the first two hours,” Alisha said.

Alisha and the Homeland team really took care of the customers who decided to participate in the garage sale,“We did hot dogs and donuts and things like that for them and water throughout the day so they all enjoyed that and It was a good turnout.”

Over the course of eight hours Alisha said there was a steady flow of shoppers, “Probably a minimum of 50 people, more than that, but we had cars in and out all day. Everybody at any point in the day had somebody at their space looking.”

The event was so successful that there were some shoppers that asked to be a part of the next garage sale event, however Alisha says she’s not sure if they will do another one this year, “I want to say I would, but being that we have so many other events that we do throughout the year, usually the yard sale kicks off our events.”

It’s true! The Homeland facility has multiple events throughout the year, “We have our customer appreciation day, then we have a back to school drive, we have our halloween event, then we have our Christmas drive,” Alisha said.

Alisha isn’t giving up hope, but since the facility already has a lot going on throughout the year, it may be that all of you bargain shoppers and tenants may just have to wait.“It’s possible I will, but more than likely it will be next year. Definitely next year.”

On the off-chance that you missed this year’s garage sale event at the Homeland facility, don’t worry! Not only can you catch the sale next year, you can also get in on other events in the months to come. There’s a small chance that there may be another garage sale here later this year as well, so make sure you don’t miss out by following the Homeland Facility Facebook page!

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