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STRAT Props! of the Week – 6/14/18

Peter Soto | Jun 22, 2018

Nick Clarkson
StaxUP Storage Sun City

Nick Clarkson from StaxUP Storage Sun City, thank you for Treating Others the Way THEY Want to be Treated. You have always been available to cover a property when someone is out. You have left it better than you found it and have always made sure to complete tasks that have been asked. Thank you for your dedication.”

Alisha Carey, StaxUP Storage Homeland

“STRAT Props! to Rebecca Avila and Marc Romo from H&M Self Storage. They have been working extremely hard getting the property in order. They have had a few obstacles with U-Haul and have managed to clean up their entire maintenance room and redo the layout of equipment on the property. Thank you for taking that on to make it look nice and help traffic on your property flow nicely.”  

Alisha Carey, StaxUP Storage Homeland

“STRAT Props! to Tony Allen from StaxUP Storage Menifee. He has painted the front of his property and has help take care of the weed abatement at his store. Saving us money from calling out vendors. It makes the property look great!”

Alisha Carey, StaxUP Storage Homeland

“STRAT Props! to Manny Ortega from StaxUP Storage Homeland for cleaning up our dumpster area, garage, and 100 units. He organized all 3 areas to make things easily accessible and got rid of trash and broken items. You have definitely Accomplished a WOW!”

Alisha Carey, StaxUP Storage Homeland

“STRAT Props! to Teresa Kohutek from StaxUP Storage Murrieta. She has recently become the new Manager and is doing a great job handling her new property. Thank you for jumping right in and attending to all the new tasks.”  

Alisha Carey, StaxUP Storage Homeland

Everyone can submit STRAT Props! and be in the running for The STRAT Prop! of the Week! Just email your Props! to Please continue to send in examples of that good attitude, or STRATitude, that we share with our customers and each other.

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